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Overview & Feature

LG CNS iSEMS helps to make the optimum decision, iSEMS provides sailing conditions based on measured data and analyzed information from the point of user's work process, And on the ship, iSEMS supports services that helps eco operation from the point of Plan-Do-Check-Act.


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  • iSEMS monitors and analyzes data which is collected periodically from each device and system of ship. Through these activities, iSEMS helps users to make an optimum decision about energy consumption.
  • iSEMS is composed of solution for ship('iSEMS for Ship') and solution for shore work('iSEMS for Shore'). iSEMS for Shore Center provides various services – such as solution maintenance, user training, analysis by experts, etc.


  • Overall business approach in ship operation

    iSEMS provides services that support users to decide for eco operation from the point of the overall business process. – chartering and contract, voyage plan, sailing, in-port

  • Effective decision for the energy efficiency index

    On the ships to use iSEMS, it is possible to easily recognize the change in the energy efficiency according to the operation conditions. Also, iSEMS provides services which support to decide on how to effectively control factors that influence on ship's economical sailing – such as route, speed/RPM, M/E condition, etc.

  • Route planning base on EN cost

    iSEMS recommends the optimum route using algorithm that reflected weather information and ship characteristics. Especially, iSEMS recommends the route that can be operated with minimum cost considering time expense2) as well as cost of fuel.

  • Provide the accurate information

    iSEMS automatically collects data that influences on energy efficiency from the devices and systems on the ship. These data and value can be used as KPI performance records.

  • Flexibility

    iSEMS is the solution which is able to be install even on the existing ship. iSEMS can collect data regardless of data format and network environment offered by sensors and devices on the ship.

  • User Experience

    iSEMS is made up of the design of a user friendly web infrastructure to provide a screen accustomed to ship officers and engineers.