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iSEMS for Shore Center

The comprehensive supporting environment is established for users to easily utilize iSEMS solution, and to make an effective decision through regular maintenance and data management as well as maritime affairs supports by the experts.

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  • Expert Service

    • Data analysis to support C/P contracts
    • Effect analysis of energy saving device/technology
    • Support to Chartered In/Out
    • Support to environmental regulations(CO2, Inventory, MRV, MBM etc.)
  • Data Cloud Service

    • Enhanced data security management
    • Efficient IT system management(DB, N/W, Security)
    • Ship’s voyage data management
  • User Training & Customer Service

    • Support to iSEMS contract
    • User training(On/Offline)
    • 24hr Call center service
  • Install & Maintenance

    • Error handling
    • Install the appliance
    • Update weather/port information
  • Error & Fault Management

    • Fault monitoring(app., server, N/W)
    • Fault reception
    • Remote processing